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Adam Hughes Painting Van

A Vehicle with a Logo that hadnt been paid for

Adam Hughes Painter and Scammer beware

Adam Hughes is an incredibly charismatic guy who wil rip you off.

Warning | Beware

In September 2018 Adam Hughes finally paid an outstanding invoice to me over $900 by direct transfer in an attempt to get me to take this website down.

Brisbane Painter Adam Hughes approached me and quite a few other graphic designers one after another some years ago now, he methodically used us all to create his work and then didn't pay us while all the time saying he would ... but he didnt. This appears to be the pattern that continues. Since placing this warning on the internet there have been 20 calls and many emails from unhappy people in various walks of life offering different services to Adam who continually get ripped off by him... who just need to talk to someone about there grief.

Adam is pursuasive and charismatic so look out. He then hides behind the Queensland police who apparently are unable to do him for fraud as this is seen as a civil crime and not a police matter. I have been told that he can still be processed by the police but you have to itemise everything he does before approaching them. I was doing this but now I am just hosting this page in an attempt to protect the community.

He messaged me in November 2018 ... and asked what could be done to remove this page as it was damaging his hopes of getting employment. At the time I said he could do nothing... . He said that he had turned over a new leaf and hadnt been scamming for some time and was prepared to pay me. I said he could pay me but it wouldnt effect anything.. so he did. 

I have told him that he needs to prove over time for me to not get an email or call or form filled from this site from his scamming or wrong doing over the next 6 months this site will be removed.

If he continues the 6 months will continue from the last call.

Unfortunately I still get calls... nothing has changed. So the warning stands.


9th May 2019

Josh Klenner from Gold Coast Truck Rentals had this to report about Adam Hughes while renting the pictured Flat Top Ute to him between 25th Febuary 2019 and 9th May 2019 (ongoing)

He currenlty owes $2800 in unpaid rental and damage to my vehicle. 

This is a true account of my dealings with Adam Hughes when he engaged my Truck Rental Service to hire a Ute. Adam Hughes is deceptive and avoids dealing truthfully. He also avoids payment and any form of contact. The following link is my account of his dealings with me Josh Klenner from Gold Coast Truck Rentals.




Adam doesnt seem to care about his family and especially not about you and your family

My name is Simon Creedy 

I currently oversee this website with the hope that Adam will eventually stop hurting other people, repay back his victims or some form of Justice will prevail.

Sydney Graphic Design

I live at 37 Epping Road, Lane Cove North, NSW 2066

I can be contacted via email or phone 0411 888 478

Or via the Information form below


Hi guys,

I recieved an email from Adam Hughes at the time representing HUGHES COATINGS a commercial painting company in Brisbane... moments later changing the name to IPAINTING and asked for help with rebranding including logo design, facebook graphics and ads. He got at least 5 other graphic designers/web designers involved after me that I know of... and has paid none of them from what I can see... but has ripped us all off. I have since complained to fair trading brisbane who said they can do nothing as it is a case of simple debt ... 

After further investigation he has been dealt with for fraud in the past, I see him as a habitual liar and fraudster as witnessed by all the people listed on the right. 

Below is the first of more than 40 emails... while he is deceptive he is demanding and knows exactly what he wants to achieve... and why wouldnt he work me hard... I dont beleive he had any intention of paying for my work. 

Be aware he is totally beleivable and incredibly charismatic. 

Hi Simon

Thanks for your prompt reply. 

As mentioned we had a company designing logo and the communication is dreadful and it has been going on for over a week. 

We have a newspaper campaign starting this Thursday and Premedia require logo by 6pm today.

We would like our logo designed based off the attached examples, we like the font of Pohlman Brothers.. 

Basically we are a Painting Company in Brisbane that has been operating for over 11 years however are only just starting to advertise via print and online, therefore a new modern logo is required instead of the basic text logo we have always had. 

I understand the time restrictions however we would appreciate anything you can do at this stage. 

 I am in a meeting now however can reply via email almost immediately. 

 Thanks for your help 


Kind Regards,
Adam Hughes 

Hughes Coatings Pty Ltd 
0457 650 607 
12 / 122 Logan Road 
Underwood 4115 
Brisbane, QLD

Adam doesnt have an office... it turns out... he has was running an answering service out of Sydney.

Neither businesses mentioned on this page are registered

His location on the email is not right either... so not only in my opinion is he a liar but has made himself almost uncontactable by traditional methods. 

While he has told me on every occasion that he is happy to pay etc etc... the guy is just a misleading con man and has no intention of doing so. If you run into him and he rips you off... I hope you will come here and find out your not the only one before things get too out of hand. Ipainting is the (again) superfast rebrand of Hughes Coatings. 

Be careful of Adam Hughes of Ipainting Brisbane he is charming BUT deceptive and will take your work without paying for it.. 

Sorry if you also got caught by him and his company. 

I feel he should be in prison... and I hope someone can get him there soon.


including other peoples problems too

Adam Hughes of Brisbane and Ipainting (aka of Hughes Coatings) approached me on the internet to do some hurried graphic work... alluding to time being an issue and therefore requiring a logo produced within 4 hours... and ad producing within a day... this kind of thing... He has told me on several occasions that he will pay me... but I have since learned he is not paying others as well as me. He seems to have no intention of paying over $1000 for the work. Not impressed Adam.

I have been told he has ripped off many other people in exactly the same way... 

Adam has since paid my bill and I intend to remove this website in 6 months should I hear of no more misdeads.

So far weeks pass and someone contacts me to tell me what he has done to them.

Now reported to the police, A Current Affiar, Today Tonight and Fair Trading. 

Currently Adam Hughes owes money to many people... but the people below have asked to be included on this page (some of which have asked to be removed as well although still unpaid)

Girling Design $3700 

For urgent logo development. 

Awaiting payment since August 7th and that the logo design work remains the copyright ownership of Girling Design until payment has been made in full.

Ready Steady Print $687  

For Printing Business Cards and Fliers 

Kate Newsome $3300

Adam took a large deposit to paint her house and then didn't pay the young man who started painting the house for three days. She described Adam as "this guy is so dishonest and living in a dream land"

and on it goes...

all these people have contacted me and asked to appear in this list.

There are other incidences which remain rumours which will remain unlisted.



Please contact me about Adam Hughes