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Logo Design

Logos created in 2016 - 2017

Factors to consider when designing a logo

Simple Logo design is better

Make your Logo different or unusual in some way which makes it unique to your business or venture and also makes people think of you

Make the font or symbols readable and sympathetic to the brand and your clients needs

A logo may need to be designed to print, to cutout of vinyl, to work on a complex background, to be embroidered, to be put on the side of a building. Or it may simply be placed on a website. Production requirements can effect the design

You may need a version in black and white or single colour

You can also add a slogan or tag line to your logo

Use a Logo Designer with experience

Logos Should also

Have good scanablity and scalability

Be visible and clear at different resolutions and on different backgrounds

Be simple and legible

Communicate your message, identity and products

Use colour sensibly

Use images wisely particularly photographs

Avoid being overly complicated