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Logo Design 

I have developed this page to discuss the production of logos and a few of the necessary ingredients required to get it right.

Logos and Business Identity are the most crucial factor to aiming your business in the right direction for the both the present and the forseeable future. Logos can connect the people inside and outside your organisation, Logos set the pace, the feel, the values, and the direction of your business.

Important Questions to ask when designing a LOGO

What is the unique message your business portrays?

Should my logo be Wide, Tall or Square and why does it matter?

Why is colour important what does it say about my business?

Do I even need a logo at all or could I just use a written word?

Is my business Stylish, Quality, Modern, Innovative or Not?

Your Logo is a communication jigsaw puzzle and you need the right person to solve it for you and give your business EXACTLY what it needs.

Why is it so hard to get it right sometimes

Often a client has a clear idea that know what is going to work but often once they see the final product they may not like it. In fact a visual may even be required just to illiminate an idea once and for all. Getting it perfect requires patience.

Factors to consider when designing a logo A Simple Logo design is often better. Cluttered logos can be confusing and distracting so finding that correct symbol is important.

Make your Logo different or unusual in some way which makes it unique to your business or venture and also makes people think of you. 

Make the font or symbols readable and sympathetic to your brand or product. A hard to read font or symbol can give a bad message to your clients. 

A logo may need to be designed to print, or to simplpy cutout of a background colour ... or cutout of vinyl to be used on signage, to work on a complex background, to be embroidered, to be put on the side of a building. Or it may simply be placed on a website. Production requirements can effect the design and its complexity. 

You may need a version in black and white and/or single colour 

You might also add a slogan or tag line to your logo  Always use a Logo Designer with experience who can spot the problems before they arise later.

So why is blue so popular

The answer is simple of course. Blue indicates brightness, awareness, alertness.
A lot of businesses need to convey this, especially IT and corporate business.

Implied movement in a Logo can show action, power and immediacy

Sometimes you might build movement into a logo because it can convey growth,
activity, action, interest, direction and complexity within an organisation

GOLD AND SILVER can be an extremely effective way of saying QUALITY - SERVICE - EXCELLENCE

Logos should also:

Have good scanablity and scalability. Easy to read. Able to be enlarged or reduced.

Be visible and clear at different resolutions and on different backgrounds

Communicate the nature of your business messages, identity, products and services.

Use colour wisely to imply the right feel for your company.

Use images wisely particularly photographs. People are likely to be critical if you dont get it right.

Always avoid being overly complicated. If someone doesnt get it... they lose interest quickly.

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